About Us

American Insert Flange Co., Inc. is incorporated in the state of New Jersey and has office and manufacturing facilities in Williamstown, NJ. Our roots go back many years in the flange industry.

The product of insert flanges was believed to have been used in the industry at least since the early 1930’s, possibly even before that time period. In pre-World War II, a company named Horace T. Potts & Co began manufacturing insert flanges for companies around the Philadelphia and New York City areas. Business was booming and demand was soaring for these time-saving insert flanges. Eventually, Horace T. Potts & Co started using subcontractors to supply them with insert flanges because demand was so high in the midst of the early World War II days. Three to four separate groups then took this knowledge gained from subcontracting and formed companies that offered insert flanges as an integral addition to their PVF product lines. Probably the most well known of these insert flange companies was Speedline and their Picor line of insert flanges and fittings.

As time passed, many of these companies continued to offer insert flanges, but some began focusing more on commodity-type products like imported flanges and fittings. However, there still existed a very strong demand for specialized flanges that were customizable and job specific to support the massive internal piping network inside the USA. Because insert flanges are simple derivations of standard flanges, they are unable to be patented, much like that of standard flanges. The opportunity to capitalize on this specialized flange market was a perfect fit for the originators of American Insert Flange Co., Inc.

American Insert Flange Co., Inc. is happy to have been born from that original family tree of insert flange companies all the way back in the 1930’s. Our talented and knowledgeable staff has over 250 years combined service in the American and global flange market. We also have workers with direct experience from those original companies that formed to service the market with insert flanges in World War II times. Our company knows that there is unlimited growth potential for this type of niche flange product. American Insert Flange Co., Inc. is proud to join forces with the USA PVF mainstay, Specialty Flange and Fitting, Inc., to offer our version on the American made insert flange to make pipe fabrication easier and more cost-effective over the long term.

Commitment to Excellence

At American Insert Flange, we pledge that every item that leaves our company facility will adhere to the highest of quality standards. We provide clear material data test reports with every order (online MTR downloading coming soon!), and our quality control methods have been proven to be exceptional over time. We understand that hard work, dedication to details, along with creative thinking, can go a long way in today’s business world. This is our pledge to you in our persistent commitment to excellence. Their still is “American Pride” left in the American manufacturing segment.

What You Can Expect

  • Same day quoting of most inquiries
  • Same day shipping of most in-stock material
  • Material Test Reports (MTR’s) shipped with every order
  • Fast and reliable CNC machining services
  • Our facility has access to hundreds of trucking and shipping companies to give you the lowest prices possible
  • Competitive and aggressive pricing strategies tiered to fit your company’s needs