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  • Now visit our sister company Tubecraft Flange on the web at Your complete source for carbon steel flanges, fittings, valves, and pipe.
  • Now visit our sister company Specialty Flange and Fitting, Inc. on the web at Your complete source for stainless steel and alloy flanges, fittings, valves, and pipe.
  • Hear what one of the best pipe fabrication companies, Controls Southeast, Inc., has to say about insert flanges.
  • “Solving Problems With Bolt-On Jackets” was published in the Sept/Oct 1998 issue of Sulphur Magazine and provides a brief historical on the evolution of the bolt-on jacketing technology. Click here for article…
  • Jacketing is more efficient than tube tracing. Bolt-on jacketing can be done while piping is being installed. Bolt-on jacketing saves cost and maintenance. Click here for the complete article courtesy of Plant Engineering Magazine.
  • In commercial bendable piping systems heat transfer is also a very important consideration. Significant amounts of liquid cryogen can be lost through evaporation if heat transfer is not kept to a minimum. Read here for more…
  • Tasks such as flange separation or the removal of weight coatings from a pipeline are now made faster and easier by the Thin Jack. Read here for more…