Do you only sell to distributors?

We do our best to protect our distributors, however, sometimes we also must sell direct to fabricators and end-users at tiered pricing levels. This is necessary to stay competitive in the price department where our product sometimes goes head-to-head with cheap, imported flanges. This is also necessary to cut down the amount of communication between the different levels of business. For example, it can be frustrating for an engineer at an end-user to constantly have to relay questions to a fabricator, who then has to relay these questions to a distributor, who then has to relay the question to us. This is what supply chain management orginizational charts do not plan for. Therefore, no matter what level of the supply chain you are on, you can pick up the phone and call us at 302-777-7464, or email as at . We will do our best to assist you in a friendly and professional manner, with good old fashioned American Pride. For a list of some of the companies in our flange industry, visit our Links Page by clicking the hyperlink.

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