Why should I use an insert flange over the standard flanges that I am more familiar with?

There are many reasons why you should consider using insert flanges on some of your piping projects:

  • The two-piece make-up allows for the flange to rotate for easy alignment of the bolting holes. This allows our flanges to be fabricated faster.
  • The two-piece make-up also relieves joint stress that a single flange would have.
  • As stated above, insert flanges are not a commodity product. Therefore, they are made with tighter tolerances, and a more efficient quality system with little or no defects. Insert flanges also drastically reduce lead times when exotic alloy material is being used for a flange.
  • Insert flanges for jacketed piping are a unique flange to the industry. They are customized to meet the specific requirements of your core and jacket pipe schedules. This makes for a much cleaner and efficient assembly process. They also give you a better heat transfer through the flange. This can be huge in volatile piping environments and helps to decrease maintenance costs on piping lines.
  • Certain major chemical and plastics companies have used insert flanges for over 75 years. They have proven success in all types of piping systems. The companies who do not use them often do so because they simply do not know of the product. It only takes giving insert flanges a try on one project to convince many engineers and customers of this great product.