What is meant by the terminology, Reducing (or Oversize) and Non-Reducing (or Line-Size)?

Reducing and Non-Reducing is old terminology, in this case, used for types of jacketed piping insert flanges. You do not even really need to use them if you know the flange size x core size x jacket size. However, for history’s sake, and for those who are familiar with the terms; they can be defined as follows: Reducing and Non-Reducing refer to the nominal flange size relating to the core pipe size. For example, is you need an insert flange for a 3″ flange x 2″ core pipe x 3″ jacket pipe, the 3″ flange reduces to the 2″ core, therefore, this insert flange is Reducing. However, if you need an insert flange for a 2″ flange x 2″ core x 3″ jacket, the 2″ flange does not reduce to the 2″ core since it is the same size, thus, it would be considered Non-Reducing. You can see from this example how, if you know the nominal flange size x core pipe size x jacket pipe size, there is no need to refer to the insert flange as reducing or non-reducing. We also have specific product series that help to relieve this confusion. When in doubt, just use the series number. The benefit of our company being so experienced in insert flanges, also means we can sell