What is the best way to reference your flanges when I request a quotation?

First, you must determine if the flange is for a single or jacketed piping application. If you need an insert flange for single piping, either go to our Product Page for Single Piping and specify the size and series needed, or you can also reference the size, style, weight class, and material needed. For example, 2″, slip-on insert flange, for 150lbs., for a 316L pipe (which determines the insert material), and a carbon steel flange. If the insert flange is for jacketed piping, you can specify the series needed by going to our Product Page for Jacketed Pipe. Or you can specify the weight class, the flange size you will need x the core pipe size x the jacket pipe size you need; if you don’t know the series number you must state the style, either slip-on or buttweld for the core pipe, if it is slip-on we only need the jacket pipe schedule, if it is buttweld we will need the core and jacket pipe schedules; then just specify the material of your core pipe (which determines the insert material) and the material you need for your flange, which unless it is a special system would usually be carbon steel. If you have any questions, you can call us at 302-777-7464 and we can walk you though what you may need, or email us at sales@americaninsertflange.com with any related questions. It is well worth taking the short amount of time it takes to learn how to request a quote or how to order insert flanges! It is simple once you do it a few times and familiarize yourself with some of the terminology.
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